Hatim Eujayl

Nubian languages teaching and research

Introducing Hatim Eujayl

By Heidi Hilliker

University of Michigan

Our partners and collaborators are at the core of the Narrating Nubia Collaboratory and we are pleased to introduce our newest partner on this project, Hatim Eujayl. Not only has he served as an invited guest speaker for our group, but he has also worked on the Nubia Odyssey project launching this Fall and will now be joining the Living in Nubia: El-Kurru Present and Past project as a part of our effort to develop an original children’s book.

Hatim Eujayl is a Sudanese-American, an artist, type designer, writer, and language enthusiast, currently studying at the University of Arizona. His recent works include The Miracle of Amanirenas, a fantasy storybook based on the historical encounter between Nubian queen Amanirenas and the Roman empire, and This is How we Write Nubian, an alphabet book introducing the Nubian script and basic vocabulary to early readers (both from Taras Press). He is also the founder of The Sounds of Sudan dedicated to the rich, diverse, and often overlooked musical culture of Sudan, with every classic translated to English.

You can follow and support more of Hatim’s work on www.hatimeujayl.com, and nstagram (@eujayl).

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